About Ken and Dawn

The ranch management team of Ken and Dawn :

Ken MacRae

It all began for Ken when he was 5 yrs old and sat on a pony for the first time, the attraction to horses was instantaneous, and so began Ken’s journey to know the horse. 

During Ken's pre-teen years he saved his extra money to pay for riding lessons. As his skills developed he took part in local horse shows and rodeos. He does not recall the moment in which he knew he would spend his life with horses “it was just always on my mind” says Ken.

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Dawn Muller

Since the day Dawn was brought home from the hospital and her parents noticed the dark bay filly in the field delivered as a gift for their new baby girl, it seemed inevitable she would be horse crazy. 

Horses have always been a part of Dawn’s life, but did not become a way of life until 2008 when her dreams of D-BAR-K Ranch became a reality.  Following her passion, Dawn continues to learn and developed her horsemanship skills, and knowledge of all things equine.
Dawn brings forth her love of horse and her entrepreneurial background and experience,  as Owner and Barn Manager/Horse Tech/On Site Personnel. Dawn has worked as a groom, and for a Trail Ride business.
She has currently completed her CEF level 1, & 2, Western and hopes to obtain her CEF beginner instructors in 2012. Dawn is currently enrolled in the Equine Studies program through the Learning center in Oliver.
Along with her work at D-BAR-K, she is also the Events Coordinator for the Oliver Riding Club and holds a HCBC membership in good standing.
You will likely be able to find Dawn somewhere around the barn.  Her duties include but are not limited to: office inquiries; event  and clinic organizing; lesson scheduling and rescheduling; payments and general account issues; specialized horse care;horse first aid; helping the vet; scheduling vaccinations and routine checkups for horses; diets and daily medications; as well as being the 24/7 emergency contact... and of course anything else that comes up!!
Dawn is always happy to answer any questions you might have about getting started, with lessons and horses,  and whatever she can’t help you with she will hunt someone down who does, so that you get the answers you need straight from the horse’s mouth.

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